Luke James

Hi, I’m Luke. A jazz pianist, painter and writer based in South London. I’m the co-author of CreativeMind and creator of Art and Ambience.

I studied music at Oxford University and graduated in summer of 2019. Since then I have been playing professionally as a VIP lounge pianist, collaborating with other musicians on exciting new projects and continuing my passion for visual art.

I began as a classical pianist before moving into jazz, contemporary and ambient piano. I also tutor jazz piano to a wide range of students and have started a neo soul/jazz fusion band with fellow musician Gabrielle Dalsan. For me, music is one of the most abstract yet powerful artforms. It has the ability to communicate and stimulate all ranges of emotion, evoke distant memories and bring communities together.

In June 2020, I created the YouTube channel Art and Ambience that fuses art and ambient piano music. On the channel, I upload timelapses of my paintings (accompanied by piano and ambient soundscapes) as well as jazz and relaxing piano improvisations. As a sound-colour synaesthete, I’m interested in the relationship between the visual arts and music and I hope to explore this further in my work.

CreativeMind. gives me the opportunity to write on a wide range of topics I care about and connect with other artists and creators from all over the world.

You can find me on instagram: @ljamesmusic
YouTube channel: Art and Ambience
Paintings are available on Etsy.