Rosie Malone

Hi there! I am a South London based Actor-Musician and writer. I am the co-author of CreativeMind. and part of the Creative team of Playforte, a performing arts school centred around building confidence in children.

Teamwork is such an important part of my work and CreativeMind. encourages just that. We live in a time where we can access art in all its forms on a global scale, and I believe that we can achieve powerful work when we connect with others.

After studying Actor-Musicianship at the London College of Music, I have launched a performing arts school for children aged 4-14 with two fellow graduates. The school not only focuses on the confidence that can be progressed through theatre and creativity, but also the brain development these experiences can give young children. The art of Actor-Musicianship is that the actor communicates through body, voice and instrument simultaneously, there is no weaker or less important component. We all know how effusive and transporting a well composed musical phrase can be when played by a proficient instrumentalist, but Actor-Musicianship allows us to not only hear the message, but see it physically onstage. We create unique lessons that not only evolve the children’s musical abilities, but encourage their storytelling skills to also be expressed through music.

Upon graduating, I have begun outreach work in West London which aims to encourage and support the increase of diversity in music colleges. It is imperative the intake of students into higher education and arts training is representative of our society, or we will never be able to create art that imitates life!

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