The Collaborators Project | Summer 2020

Summer 2020 | Isolation


The Summer 2020 Collaborative Project is underway! The theme for this season is Isolation and will be showcased at the end of August.

We are currently accepting admissions. If you are a painter, writer, fashion desginer, dancer, film-maker or any other kind of creator, we welcome you to apply. We are looking for five to ten artists. Each will be featured on our site, on instragram and in the Collaborators E-magazine.

For selected artists, there will be four stages:

Devising – Artists will be given more inspiration for the main theme and have access to the collaborative cloud where they can post the development of ideas with all other artists involved.
Collaboration – Collaboration opportunities between the artists will be directed/organised by curators.
Drafts – Final drafts needed by the end of the week
Showcase – The project will be showcased on site and on instagram. The Collaborators e-magazine will be available in September.

To apply, email us at with name, age, example of your work and why you are interested.

Full details of the project are also on Kickstarter where you can support this project.

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