OpenWalls 2020

‘From 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography in collaboration with Galerie Huit Arles, OpenWalls Arles is an international photography award designed to elevate the careers of emerging and established photographers by exhibiting their work in the prestigious and historic location of Arles.’
OpenWalls Arles 2020.

This year’s OpenWalls exhibition saw 62 winners announced, 50 of those being single images and 2 series from the ‘Growth’ category, as well as 10 singles and 1 series from the ‘Daily Life’ category. We’ve put together this list of our favourites, and you can see all the winners here.

Series Winners

Osceola Refetoff

“Much of my focus is on the remnants and future of human activity across the deserts of the American West. It’s a Mess Without You explores the real tragedy of abandoned dreams, loss, absence, and obsolescence, juxtaposed against the stoically majestic terrain of the region” — Osceola Refetoff, Series Winner, ‘Daily Life’

Gregg Segal

As globalization alters our relationship to food, I’m making my way around the world, asking kids to keep a journal of everything they eat in a week. Once the week is up, I make a portrait of the child with the food arranged around them… Eating habits, which form when we’re young, last a lifetime, and often pave the way to chronic health problems” — Gregg Segal, Series Winner, ‘Growth’

Andrei Farcasanu

“Timeless Interventions is a liminal series of photographs, which incite an interruption in consciousness and a whispered memory of the future… These images are the weather pattern of our emotions, evaporating and returning to us, as rainfall in an eternal cycling of resources” — Andrei Farcasanu, Series Winner, ‘Growth’

Singles Winners

Alena Kakhanovich

Growth Singles, Communication

Andreas Eichelmann

Growth Singles, Tim @ Rest

Andy Lo Pò

Growth Singles, Girl outside the pizzeria at night

Camilla Glorioso

Growth Singles, Il Ciolo

Claudia Wiens

Growth Singles, Literacy Class

Corinne Isabelle Rinaldis

To jump to fly

Ian Baguskas

Growth Singles, Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii, 2017

Marcio Pimenta

Growth Singles, Untitled

Maude Bardet

Growth Singles, Untitled

Nai-Jia Kuo

Growth Singles, Min Ju & A Chi

Catherine Hyland

Daily Life Singles, Contemporary Pilgrims

Hossein Fardinfard

Daily Life Singles, Blackout

Julie Hrudova

Daily Life Singles, Vinohradska street, Prague, 2018

Tristan Bejawn

Daily Life Singles, Stop Q