The Collaborator’s Project | Confirmed Artists

We are excited to announce the 8 selected artists for this season’s Collaborator’s Project. We had an overwhelming number of admissions this summer and thank everyone for their submissions. This season, our artists will be creating around the theme of isolation. Here are the confirmed artists with a few examples of their previous work.


Ever since I was 3 year old, i have been fond of throwing colours on a canvas – intercepting an art form of myself.Today, over 20 years later – I have found myself specializing in different forms of art – ranging from various oil painting techniques like knife and finger techniques to fluid art forms.

“La Casa De Papel”

I am a self-taught artist with an educational background in medical neuroscience so I would describe myself as a Neuroscientist too, currently working in the area of mental health.

I am also passionate about expressing mental health in art especially having had a lived experience. Art has helped me to discover, understand and heal myself. I would describe my style as a combination of surrealism and expressionism



Currently, the most rewarding aspect of being an artist is the freedom to cultivate personal projects. Identifying an interest in an idea and having the agency to pursue this idea from conception to execution is extremely rewarding. Every project is treated like my own little baby, and I learn so much from each one.

The most difficult part sometimes is finding the inspiration to start a new project and continue a current one. It can at times be easy to lose faith in something that I’m working on or not know where to go next. I’ve learned that taking breaks can help rejuvenate the creative process and bring about new ideas or support current ones. This, coupled with conversations with other artists, definitely motivates me to keep creating.

“Ethereal Encounters”

With poetry I love to create vivid imagery, my goal is translate the world I see in mind onto paper and into words. I many ways my poems are quite narrative and often explore various aspects of my personal identity. I often like to incorporate music in my poems to bring my two mediums together.

My goal with music is to tour, I want to release my own songs; an ep and albums and be full a time musician (I’m currently learning piano too). With poetry I want to write a full length show which explores being a child of the Ghanaian Diaspora, being queer and growing up Christian and hopefully tour that too! It would also be awesome to publish a collection of poems.


I study the effects of listening to music whilst painting and how music influences the emotion within the paintings. After learning a piano piece, I like to paint it, to materialise the sounds I hear into colours and textures. This is a theme I’m currently developing alongside continuing simple drawings of the everyday people around me.

I suppose I can’t predict the future of where my art will go, but I do know that I want to capture multiple art forms within one, not to box myself in and to explore the full stretch of the human emotion and psyche. Currently I am taking commissions and in my own time, developing an interest in capturing relationships and the ups and downs that go with them. I guess we’ll see where it goes from there…

Peace Amoungst Chaos

I’m a portrait photographer and documentary filmmaker who grew up in Croydon, South London. Growing up, my dad was always in a band, as such, I’ve always been surrounded by live music and interesting characters. It wasn’t long before I picked up a camera and began documenting the people who came through the house as a kid – soul singers, rock guitarists, jazz musicians, each and every person with their own interesting story.

Back then, I could only afford basic digital cameras, but I’ve been moving into using analogue film more and more. In doing so, I rediscovered the most rewarding part of photography – capturing a moment of life and seeing the final image develop.


Since losing my mother to cancer not long before I started university, I find myself all too aware these days of the loneliness inside my own mind and the slight gap at the end of my fingertips between where ‘Me’ ends, and the world begins.

A few words on a page here and there turn into little boats daring enough to set sail across that small gap. And that’s good. So good.

sugar melts in those same small eyes
thin lips crinkle
cheeks blossom rose
Oh, sunlight-sprinkled shoulders.
Oh, heavy-hearted echoes.
Oh, acid-appled hair.
my butterfly skin trembles in the dust of yours

and the distinct taste of
the brightest
made her bluest veins


Theatre, Character, Fantasy and pop culture has always informed my work as an artist. I enjoy seeking out the weird, the sexy and the beautiful and combining them.

Usually it transpires into a character study or character design but ultimately what I think I am is a storyteller and feel very drawn to all kinds of mixed medium when devising a way to tell it… the more interesting the marriage of medium the better for me.

Works will be exhibited at the end of August. Make sure to follow us on instagram for more updates.