Meet the Artist: Isha Patwa

Isha Patwa

‘Ever since I was 3 years old, I have been fond of throwing colours on a canvas – intercepting an art form of myself’

Isha is a painter based in Mumbai, India. She specializes in many different forms of art, from various oil painting techniques like knife and finger techniques to fluid art. Although her passion for art begun when she was very young, lockdown brought about Isha’s artistic entrepreneurship – along with pursuing a career in Finance – combining various art skills not only on canvases, but in life.

Isha is also a dance choreographer, and the influence of the body can certainly be seen in her works. Isha works with her father in their company, Patwa Arts – ‘Bringing together our passion for art, we – a father-daughter duo have found comfort and solace in art, artists, ideas and more.’

In order to share her passion, Isha also runs various fluid art and technique workshops via Zoom, you can book you tickets here:

‘With constant love and admiration for painting, I have grown up with the ideology to paint my hearts out – and have seen this run in my family’

Selected Works


What interested you about collaboration with other artists?

‘When I first heard about collaborating with other artists and making a new artwork all together, I found that concept really interesting and unique. This made me want to give it a try and be a part of this project’

How long have you been working on your craft and what inspired you to start?

‘I have been working on my craft since the age of 3 years. I always wanted to pursue art and design as my career but somehow that never happened. As I lost by job due to the pandemic, it gave me a chance to pursue my passion in art’

How did the theme of Isolation resonate with you? Did it conjure any immediate images?

‘I had previously done an oil painting which was very close to this theme isolation. This made me excited and want to make me work on this theme again’

Is there anything that you usually use to inspire your work?

‘Just inspired from day to day life activities being merged and showcase on one canvas’

How has the lockdown affected your work?

‘I started my work during the lockdown itself so I didn’t need to adjust to the new way of working’

If you could master any other artform, what would it be and why?

‘I would want to master knife palette painting as those thick strokes and textures really intrigue me’

Discover more of Isha’s work at

We look forward to seeing the work of all our artists in this seasons Collaborator’s Project. Works will be exhibited at the end of August. Follow us on instagram for more updates! CM