Captivating Urban Photography by Hannah Treagus

This season, CreativeMind. hosted an Instagram competition looking for standout photography works from the past year. We are excited to announce our winner, Hannah Treagus. In the selected works below Hannah explores various aspects of urban landscape and architecture, showing an interest in strong lines, black and white shots and negative space. Take a look…

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Cosmic escape is an exploration into the relationship between isolation and space, and the merging of real and virtual spaces. The work uses augmented reality to transport the user to a digital realm.

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‘My piece is an A3 monochrome oil painting of a woman standing alone in front of a vast, barren landscape. The photograph was taken by James George Potter, a fellow collaborator. The ground beneath her is quite abstracted as the mixture of dry earth and puddles creates an almost seascape, depending on whichever way you look at it.

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‘My final piece is a set of photographs which together with the work of the other artists, explores loneliness through scenes with singular characters and their relation to the space around them.’

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